Our Product List:

All of our product prices also include shipping to the lower 48 states.  The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden "handling" charges, "postage" charges, or "insurance" fees.  You will also receive a USPS tracking number the day it is shipped so you can monitor the status of your order once it is shipped.

Our chief product is the Cactus, "In the Waist Band" holster.  

It is designed to be a comfortable and yet comforting carry

holster.  Starting price for the Cactus is $75 each. 

Our second most popular is the Butterfly holster.  It is also 

a very comfortable holster, and is made mostly for smaller


The Butterfly holster pricing starts at $60 each.

Currently we can produce your holster for the following handguns:

1911 Commander                                   1911 Full Size
1911 Micro                                                Beretta 92
Beretta Stampede                                   Browning Buckmark
Charter Arms Bulldog                             Colt Detective Special
Colt Single Action Army                          CZ 75B
Glock 17                                                    Glock 19
Glock 21                                                    H&K USP
Keltec .32                                                  Kimber Solo
M&P 45                                                     Ruger GP100
Ruger LC9                                                 Ruger LCP
Ruger P85                                                 Ruger SP101
S&W Shield                                               Springfield XD 45

Our third most popular item is our full line of double layer belts, 

designed especially to make your experience less troublesome.  

They can be made in a plain, inconspicuous style, or they can be 

a fullly stamped and carved, personalized Ranger belt, or something

in between.

Our belt prices start at $60, . . . add $2 per inch for belts over 40 inches.

Western gun rigs start at $125 for a straight belt, $150 for a Buscadero.  Add $3 per inch for belts over 40 inches.   Matching holsters start at $75.