A "Trucker" Holster:  Worn Across The Chest, This One Has Been Stamped and Personalized w/Initials

A Saddle Tan, Double Layer CCW Belt with Clipped Buckle            A Sunburst Double Layer Belt with Std. Buckle

A Right Handed, Belt Clip, Holster / Belt Combo

Our Main Product:  Cactus IWB Holster

Fringed Gun Bag

With Custom Beading

A Ranger Belt with White Stitching

A Large Fringed Knife Sheath with

Rawhide Lining

A Double Gun Rig, Offside is Crossdraw

A Rhodesian Styled IWB Holster

These are some representative samples of our work:

Suede Lined IWB Holster

A Black, Left Handed Glock Belt & Holster                         A Saddle Tan, Right  Handed 1911 Belt & Holster

A Highly Personalized Cactus

A Pocket Holster For A Small Revolver                                     A Left Handed IWB Holster for a Ruger LCP Pistol         

A Copy of John Wayne's "Duke" Rig:  It Has A Money Belt Styled, Cartridge Belt